Why Do So Many People Love Blundstone Boots? We’ll Give Give You The Scoop.

Since 1870, Blundstone has made the toughest no nonsense footwear for rural, work and outdoors. Synonymous with elastic sided boots worldwide, Blundstone Australia sells a wide range of footwear for all sorts of purposes. Blundstone’s proud heritage stretches over three centuries and the company continues to be a 100% Australian family owned company based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Working hard on your feet all day can cause serious issues if you have poor footwear. With every step , two to three times your body weight can be directed on to your foot. Poorly designed footwear directly affects workplace fatigue and orthopedic problems in the lower back, legs and feet. These are significant occupational health concerns.

Blundstone is the pioneer in enhancing comfort in work and safety boots. They first developed the patented Shock Protection System (SPS) in their dual density soles across Polyurethane, Nitrile Rubber and Thermo Urethane Polyurethane soles. SPS directly reduces workplace fatigue and orthopaedic problems in the lower back, legs and feet. Since then they have further engineered and improved the performance of their soles with the addition of PORON® and now PORON® XRD™. Blundstone is committed to continuing to enhance the comfort of their boots and support improved foot health. They invest heavily in research and development.

Go anywhere and do everything in the lightweight and durable 500 Boot from Blundstone! Featuring stout brown premium leather uppers with elastic sides which provide a snug fit and an easy on and off and a V cut upper to reduce stitching exposure. A steel shank ensures correct step flex point and assists with stability while an ergonomically engineered toe spring reduces wearer fatigue. Blundstone’s sole construction (SPS MAX) is designed to reduce workplace fatigue and orthopedic problems in the lower back, legs and feet. SPS MAX includes a large insert of PORON, the world’s most advanced microcellular shock absorbing material under the heel reducing the impact of each step and greatly enhancing underfoot comfort. Fully removable insole. The TPU (thermo polyurethane) outsole is highly resistant to hydrolysis and microbial attack and is oil, acid, and organic fat resistant. Outsole is heat resistant to 284 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now if these aren’t the best work boot you’ll ever own… we don’t know what is! With world renown recognition you can be confident when you buy a pair of Blundstone Boots.

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