What’s Your Favorite Color?

Since an early age, I’ve been a fan of bright, vibrant colors. My mother can attest to this with many colorful stories of me painting her boring, brown dresser with hot pink nail polish, coloring my little brother green with markers, and INSISTING that I wear every fun-colored barrette in my hair at once. Although my color antics have mellowed out a bit, I’m proud that my inner child reflects in my wardrobe. When you’re young, the only rule about color in existence is that you wear a lot of it. It’s simple to go shopping and find a black top that will go with everything. It’s simple to wake up in the morning and put on a grey shirt to go with your black slacks, but why be simple? Sure, red isn’t the best color on me, but who cares? I like it, so I’m going to wear it! I hear women talk about what colors they ‘can’ or ‘can’t’ wear based on their skin tone/what their mother told them about fashion growing up/what their best friend thinks, but what about wearing something solely because you LIKE THE COLOR? There’s nothing wrong with that!

If the idea of a colorful wardrobe scares you, or you prefer neutral colored clothing, why not compliment those tones with a splash of colorful jewelry? A jewelry line that we carry that I’m a major fan of is Nuna and nothing makes my Nuna jewelry pop like a simple black blouse. Nuna’s brightly colored jewelry is fun, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Neon purples, fuchsias, greens, and blues are the perfect colors to pair with a more professional looking wardrobe or outfit.

If you aren’t familiar with Nuna jewelry, it’s handmade in Florida using imported Tagua (tah-gwa) nuts from Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama. The Tagua palm tree produces a lovely seed (that is compared to ivory) that can ‘skinned’, polished, and dyed; all done without deforestation and disturbing the surrounding wildlife. Many South American communities are partially supported by locals searching forest floors for fallen Tagua seeds. Overall, I support their color palate, and definitely I support the way they do business-it’s a win/win!

Ladies, we satiate our coffee fix in the morning, our chocolate fix in the afternoon, so why not allow ourselves to get our color fix? As a child we were constantly asked what our favorite color is, and we always had at least one answer. It’s time we ask ourselves that question again, and wear our picks proudly!

– Post by Amanda
photo courtesy of Second String Swap

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