Village Find: Handmade Leather Handbags

As many women already know, a gorgeous, unique, yummy leather handbag is a must-have accessory! A great bag, like any great accessory, shows off your good fashion sense and unique style.

The stunning handmade tooled leather clutches and messenger bag pictured above are one-of-a-kind finds from an artist in Long Beach, New York. The clutches are available in a variety of bold, distressed leathers and range in price from a modest $40.00 up to $155.00, depending on the style and size of the clutch. The absolutely amazing messenger bag with adorable heart detail is available for $210.00.

Some of barkingmaddison’s bags were recently featured in the magazine Haute Handbags. You can also check out the New York-based artist barkingmaddison on to view or purchase these bags as well as other great accessories.

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