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(jumping up and down.)

New Fluevogs have arrived at Village Shoes! Oh my are they gorgeous! But then again I’m a sucker for a great pair of Fluevogs. With several pairs of boots, two new pairs of beautiful pumps, and even a couple of boots for the guys… My eyes have been the size of saucers in recent days.

You just can’t go wrong with these beauties. Now (slobber)which of them will have to accompany me home? I need to wear a button that says “Will work for Shoes” But my other 8 pairs of Fluevogs are lonely …they need a buddy! (Don’t you???)

Here they are in all their Fluevogian Glory:

Miss Corey I presume…love your patent tendencies my dear.
Oh and my dear Arigato…how I love your sentiments…
Ms. Wessex, Love the tough looks… and Ms. Roxanne…you definitely don’t have to put out the red light..Black is definitely your color.

Oh hi Miss Hvala…Love the two tone thing, and those buttons are adorable…Miss Heidi, my dear I do believe I’ve seen you up in the alps before, but this time.. I’m the one singing! 🙂

and my dear sir, I beg your pardon for putting you alllll the way down here at the bottom, but “Warren” your stability and style uphold all the beautiful ladies up above. You’re the rock..we lean upon…(sighs..with love).

AND even after all the eye candy I’ve just shown you. There’s always more. Mr. Fluevog himself has a soft spot for the Village. In his latest newsletter he’s even said to come by and see us at Village Shoes… so take his advice people….come by to try on and fall in love with our wonderful Fluevog shoes and boots. Fluevog Newsletter

(Maybe someday…if the stars align just right we might even have a Fluevog Give-away, so cross all your fingers and toes and wish me all good things, and hopefully before the year is out we’ll give away something from my favorite Canadian, right here on the Village blog.)

P.S. Just in case you haven’t seen’s a lovely ankle and Miss Corey again to keep the faith alive…oh my, oh dear….I do believe… I do believe this one is a keeper!!
Lovies… J.

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