Sandal-ous Recipes from the Shoe Chefs!

The newest arrival from Matisse has us quite inspired here at Village Shoes! A lot of our accessories and handbags seem to compliment these beauties extremely well. When Jen and I first laid eyes on these three, we instantly began talking about what clothes we have hanging in our closets that would look amazing combined with these shoes and other goodies we have in our store. Luckily, we thought to take pictures of what we picked out from our store to match the heels, and want to share the scrumptious ideas we cooked up!

Mix well, and top it all off with 2-3 of your favorite martinis and a dash of sass!

We like this delicious outfit blended with whipped cream on top!

Enjoy this sweet and earthy concoction with your spring fling!

– Post by Amanda and Jen

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