Remember The Moon Boot?

Ahhh, nostalgia is a curious and funny thing. Who remembers Moon Boots? I do. I had to have a pair when I was a kid. That ages me I know, but it’s true. They were actually really great to be out in the snow all day long. I grew up in New York and as every East-Coaster can attest to, the snow dumps down.

What a wonderful thing it was when you heard those fabulous words early in the morning before school: Schools Closed! It’s A Snow Day.

What joy! Four fresh feet of pure white snow. In my neighborhood we’d spend all day Sled riding. A warm pair of Moon Boots were a must if you were going to do that kind of time outside.

If you’re lucky enough to be a size 7.5 you can snap up these beauties for
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Thanks for listening. Post by Stacey

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