Leaders in Leather 7012P


Leaders in Leather is no one-trick pony and the 7012P is a testament to that. This untooled bag relies on the raw beauty of quality leather and master handiwork. Stitching detail, contrast pieces, and asymmetrical cuts come together to create a unique, practical art piece.

Made in Paraguay.

Measurements: 11″ wide by 12.5″ tall with a 20-23.5″ adjustable strap drop.

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Leaders in Leather is an international leather goods manufacturer founded by Chilean designer Ricardo Zuniga. The label’s trend-setting handbags and wallets are functional yet contemporary, with original designs are inspired by the traditional tooling methods of the American West. The entire process of creating a Leaders in Leather masterpiece, from the tanning of the hides to the smallest finishing details, is carried through by expert craftspeople and exquisitely displayed in the finished product.