On the Street…

On display, the Faryl Robin “Omni” boot is impeccably chic, shiny, and all-around desirable.

But, when seeing a shoe on display, one always wonders, “Yes… but what will I actually wear it with?”

Here, our fellow Village darling Kerry shows us just how sexy the “Omni” can be. Worn against a black-and-white palate, the “Omni” boot is incredibly wearable and extremely hot. A black skinny jean easily tucks into this tall boot, adding an amazing elongating effect to any pair of legs.

Today, Kerry brought out the Rock n’ Roll in the “Omni” boot, but the great thing about this boot is that it can easily translate into any look- from a Western-inspired sun dress to a boot cut jean.

Today we definitely learned that when it comes to wearing the “Omni” boot, the sky is the limit!

Necklace: Kerry Alonzo Jewelry
Vest: Freeflight Clothing by Ariel Will
Boots: Faryl Robin “Omni” (Limited Sizes Available)

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