Omiru- Real Style for Real People and Fashion Tribes- Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle.

With so many avenues of information out there these days we all need a little direction once and awhile. We found a couple of great blogs that do just the trick.

What is Omiru? Pronounced “oh-MEE-roo,” derived from the Japanese word meaning “to see”. They aim to, “serve as your guide through the world of fashion and style so that you can see everything there is out there and make it your own.”

“Omiru is a style and shopping website dedicated to the concept of real style for real people. Through Style Intelligence Report, a style weblog, Omiru covers fashion trends, runway reports, street style reports, and an assortment of articles aimed at making style accessible to all. ” Read more…

Another source for fashion news is Fashion Tribes, a blog dedicated to Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty.

“Fashion & lifestyle expert Lesley Scott is the New York City-based editor of the Fashiontribes blog, a premier fashion & lifestyle blog. Voted one of the top 20 lifestyle blogs and often voted one of the top 10 fashion blogs.”

“Always on the cutting edge of new media, Lesley was one of the first bloggers to live-podcast New York Fashion Week and cover the runway shows as an officially-accredited member of the press. An influential and respected member of the lifestyle blogging community, her expertise is regularly sought after.”
Read more…

Whether you’re looking for something unique or trying to stay up to speed with the fast changing world of fashion, we’ll be there to connect you where you need to go. A special thanks for today’s post goes out to Alicia from The Morical House for another great fashion tip. Go to our Links section for more great finds.

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