New(ish) Lunch Spots in Downtown Ashland

Us girls at Village Shoes have a healthy appetite.  After running up and down stairs all morning, we find that our hunger is ravenous, and look forward to eating as much food as our 30 minute lunch break will allow.

There are several new places to eat in Ashland, and I’ll share with you what I’ve recently had and loved:

Anya’s Thai Bistro:

Pad Thai with Chicken $9.25
Mango Bubble Tea $3.75

Being two doors down from Village Shoes, Anya’s has been a convenient spot for many of us.  The first time I went there I had the Pad Thai with chicken.  It’s on the sweet side, which isn’t necessarily my thing, but now I know.  The veggies weren’t overcooked, and the chicken was moist and lean.  The serving size is huge…definitely enough for two people or you can easily save the other half to eat as leftovers the next day.  I also ordered a Mango Bubble Tea which had fresh mango blended in it and for $3.75, I plan on making it a treat for a hot, hot day.

Beau Club Grill:

Teriyaki Pineapple: $7.49
Cheddar Cheese Mac: $8.49
Sweet Potato Fries: $4.29

If you love a good burger, you gotta stop by the Beau Club Grill.  I’ve had several of their menu items and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  If you’re a fan of a good burger, you have to try the Teriyaki Pineapple burger.  It is definitely something that I’ll be ordering again…and again.  I’ve also had their sweet potato fries, which have become a new obsession.  Their sweet potato fries dipped into their homemade fry sauce…HEAVEN!  I’ve also had their macaroni and cheese.  Now, it’s hard to mess up mac and cheese.  It’s pasta and cheese.  And it’s simple to take it to the next level…they add bacon to theirs.  I think you have to ask for it, but they’re happy to hook it up.  If you have lived in Ashland long enough, you’ll know that the Beau is a local hotspot for drinks at night.  Although it’s a bit of a dive bar, the waitstaff and bartenders are always friendly and for regulars, you’re guaranteed to run into one or two friends.  Love the Beau!

Smithfields (Lunch):

Gravalax Sandwich: $10
Shrimp Po’Boy: $14
Grilled Romaine: $10

Now, if you follow any of my Facebook posts, you’ll notice that I love, LOVE, Smithfields.  LOVE.  I’ve been there for brunch and dinner several times, however they weren’t open for lunch until recently.  I was ecstatic when I discovered that their lunch prices were pretty much equal to everywhere else in town, so I wouldn’t be breaking the bank to enjoy my favorite restaurant for lunch.  I first tried the Shrimp Po’ Boy because I’ve never had one before and I wasn’t let down.  Chipotle lime aoili? To die for.  The shrimp at Smithfields is always fantastic – I also love the Shrimp and Grits off of their brunch menu. I also can’t get enough of the Gravalax sandwich.  It was the perfect size, but I contemplated ordering another one because it’s just that good.  Oh, and do yourself a favor and try the Grilled Romaine salad. It’s seriously phenomenal.  It’s a salad, so it’s refreshing, but it’s grilled so it’s not just a salad. The anchovies add a bit of salt and whatever they put on the crostini is super savory…so it’s pretty much awesome in all ways possible.  So guys, seriously…Smithfields.  Do it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Star Sushi:

Sunrise roll: $7.50
Avocado roll: $2.75

Sushi is a favorite of mine and I was really excited to learn about Star Sushi going in where Yogurt on the Rocks used to be.  I went there a couple of days ago and tried the Sunrise roll that contained tuna, salmon, crab, cream cheese, avocado, green onion, and masago (roe).  The hunks of raw tuna were large and incredibly fresh.  I normally call in orders for pick up and then swing by, but since I didn’t have their menu (apparently not available online), I placed my order from the restaurant.  It didn’t take long for them to make my food and bag it up.  It was great.  I loved the Sunrise roll and the Avocado roll, although simple, was very tasty.  They have a lot to choose from as well…little pizzas, bento boxes, ramen…meat and veggie options…they definitely have a little something for everybody.

As many of you know, pretty much anywhere you go to eat in Ashland is going to be good.  The Deli Downstairs opened up not too long ago, and although they just make pretty straightforward sandwiches, there is something special about each of them.  I’m really looking forward to The Butcher Shop opening.  Their window says they’ll be selling meat pies…how perfect will those be for when the weather cools down?

Have you tried any of these places yet for lunch? What’s your favorite dish there?

post by Amanda
lunch bag illustration by Peter Pagano

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