New Fluevog Flagship Store in Vancouver

Located on 65 Water Street in Vancouver is the new Fluevog Flagship Store. Once a parking lot between two buildings, now a showroom bursting with creative energy. Almost everything in the atrium like space is reclaimed, recycled or prefabricated. Interior highlights include display tables made out of old growth wood from 150 year old oak trees grown in British Columbia. Salvaged pipes from the Alaskan Pipeline, desks built out of scaffolding and a glass ceiling which features colored gels that give off enough light to help eliminate the need for display lighting most of the day. There are also plans from the company to install a green wall of plants and ivy that will create a solar shade.


  1. Village Shoes


    Thanks for the positive feedback! John Fluevog is one of our favorite creative designers… how cool you had the chance to work with him. Love what you did. It fits that Fluevog look so well.