Make Your Feet… Superfeet!

Superfeet insoles have been an absolute life-saver for me. I demand a lot out of my shoes; I want my feet to be cute and comfy all day—a feat* that most shoes just can’t manage on their own. Most shoes don’t have enough arch support or cushioning to make my feet happy for a full 8-12 hour day. Luckily, Superfeet insoles are here to save the day. I live in my ¾ High Heel inserts—I use them in almost every pair of shoes I own. Bonus: because they don’t require any adhesives, I only need one pair.
* I couldn’t resist the pun!

Here’s how they work:

Superfeet help support the joint in the heel bone so that the foot can’t pronate or supinate, preventing the arch of the foot from collapsing. The heel-cup also brings the heel back in the shoe taking extra pressure off the ball of the foot, a blessing for high-heel lovers or those with plantar fasciitis. By keeping the foot in proper alignment, it can reduce stress on ankles, knees and hips, and helps keep the spine in proper alignment.

Here at Village Shoes, we’ve got a Superfeet for every foot!

  • Blue:  All-purpose middle of the road. They have a medium profile and offer medium support medium. They’ll work for the widest range of feet, and fit in most shoes (barring those that are very tight. For those, look to the Black style). If you’re new to Superfeet and want to give one a try, this is a good place to start.
  • Green: A high-profile, high-volume insole designed with maximum shock absorption in mind. Because these do take up some room in the shoe, shoes with removable insoles or with some extra room are recommended. If you like an extra layer of cushion beneath your feet, these are the insoles for you.
  • Black: A super low-profile that will fit into even the tightest shoes. These insoles are great for snug dress shoes, as they add support without bulk. (For dressy heels over 1 in, see the ¾ Heel insert!)
  • Yellow: These insoles were designed with the athlete in mind. Their low profile, low-volume and elevated heel (1 inch or more) makes them good for athletic shoes with a heel incline like skates or bicycle shoes.
  • Orange: A high-profile insole with a deep, narrow heel cup for maximum support. Because of their high volume and high arch, these work best in shoes with removable insoles or shoes with adjustable insteps (with elastic or laces). The extra cushion is great for people with planter faciitus, or to fill out room (and add comfort to a shoe that is a little big.
  • Berry: Just for the ladies! These insoles are a medium-profile, high volume insole with a deep, supportive heel cup designed with women’s feet in mind. Similar to the Orange style, these insoles are best in shoes with removable insoles or a little extra space.
  • ¾ Heel: This 3/4 length insole that reduces the pressure on the ball of the foot by redistributing weight and supports and reduces arch strain in the shoe. The shorter length means these won’t add volume in the toe, giving your toes a little more space in angled toe boxes. It also makes these a perfect solution for peep-toe heels!
  • ¾ Flat: These are just like the ¾ Heel inserts without the angle. They support the heel and arch in shoes or boots without adding any extra bulk around the toes. These work particularly well in dress flats with narrow toe-boxes or open-toe styles.
  • ¾ Men’s:  They also have a ¾ length insole for Men! These shorter insoles support the heel and the arch without adding bulk around the toes, great for the narrower toes boxes of men’s formal shoes and boots.

NEW Merino Grey: Our newest addition at Village shoes is the Merino Grey. Based upon the shape of the Green style (high-profile, high-volume, wide and deep heel cup), Superfeet had added a layer of luxurious merino wool to keep feet warm while wicking away moisture. These do take up quite a bit of room in the shoe, but we think they’ll be perfect for keeping our toes warm in winter boots.

After using Superfeet, I am way too spoiled to go back to unsupportive shoes.Come in and get fitted today (or click the link to order online)!

Spoooooky Superfeet. Happy Halloween Everyone!


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