Last Days Of Summer – Enjoy 10% Off Sale!

“Tonight I raise a glass to the last days of Summer. Fall has suddenly appeared. There is a familiar crispness to the air. Those hot summer nights seem to have disappeared and the need for snuggling up beneath a blanket has begun.

As the season takes hold I begin to want to cook soups and bake amazing food in the kitchen. I’ll stay in my pajamas all Sunday morning curled up with a good book, great coffee in hand and a sense of peace in my heart. It’s the simple things in life that matter most.

Soon the trees will turn color and the smell of pumpkins, vanilla and cinnamon will waft through the air. The smoke of fireplaces warming living rooms and the delicate dance of falling leaves will begin to romance us.

Winter is coming, but not yet. There is still time for campfires with friend’s and late summer swims. Evening walks beneath the moonlight and warm afternoons. I fall in love, all over again with life this time of year.”

by Stacey Larnerd

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