Holiday Gift Ideas for Me…I Mean…Her

Not quite sure what to get your girlfriend, wife, sister, or mother this holiday season besides a gift certificate from Village Shoes? I found some goodies for you that will appeal to most women and won’t break the bank.

These made to order Barkboard Chalkboards would be a unique & lovely addition to any home. $68
This Lilac Rouge lip and cheek stain by Isa’s Restoratives is handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY using herbs that are prepared in small batches of 100 proof vodka. I find that stains provide more of a natural color than any lipstick, gloss, or blush. $22
Khrio’s Dandi boot would give a fun, western flare to any outfit. The dark green suede serves as a neutral and would look fantastic with all of the rich colors that we have in our fall and winter wardrobes. $199

How cute are these Daisy Eyelet Gloves? I think any girly girl will find that the fun pop of color and the playful flowers will serve as a reminder that Spring is hiding just around the corner. $78

What applies for the men when it comes to Smartwool, goes for the ladies too: Nobody complains about receiving anything from Smartwool as a gift.

Be subtle about your affection with these Secret Message Lanterns by Baba Souk. The engraving of “U light me up” is available in English or in French. See these babies in action! $18
The rDot by Yogi Toes is supposed to be a step up from the block you typically use…because the rDot rolls, the practitioner must engage stabilizer muscles which helps develop strength and balance and prevents over-reliance on the prop.” If turned on its side, it serves as a normal block as well. The rDot would be a cool new tool for that special yogi in your life. $17

Now, can’t you picture some ladies in your life that would love some of these items? Actually, better yet, can’t you picture yourself with some of these items?

post by Amanda

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