Heather Heron- Hemp Couture Bags and Clutches

Heather Heron’s designs have always reflected what matters most to her. Be it familial or personal connections, fair and equitable opportunities for work or sustainability and low environmental impact of her pieces – she has channeled her beliefs into the creative process.

The outcome… the most exquisite line of hemp couture bags and clutches. Before claiming eco-friendly status became another way to increase sales, Heather Heron had been championing the ethical way to do business. Her use of Organic European Hemp as a background for all her pieces is a bold move in the world of high fashion – and it works.
She adds another layer of beauty with her contrast fabrics – unique exceptional leathers, and hemp-silk charmeuse. The combination of high-intensive detailing with the stark, remote simplicity of hemp gives her pieces an austere yet totally accessible elegance.

Expertly crafted to stay lovely for ages, Heather Heron’s pieces place her individual mark on the planet. That mark is a lovely symbol of what it means to be human.

So where can you find these fabulous bags? Only a handful of boutiques according to her website.

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