Great Arch Support in a Flip Flop – Rainbow Sandals

Now that summer has officially arrived, I find myself wearing mostly flip-flops. I’ve been wearing them since I was a kid and they feel just as normal on my feet as a pair of sneakers. Being on my feet all day, I can’t just wear any flip flops…I need something that offers arch support and durability. That being said, Rainbow Sandals are a summer staple of mine.

The founder of Rainbow Sandals, Jay R. Longley, decided to design a sandal of his own after seeing one too many broken flip-flops abandoned on the beach. He developed a special sponge rubber that would mold to a customer’s foot, giving them a customized foot-bed. To ensure that his sandals didn’t wind up broken, littering the sand, he formulated a special glue that keeps the layers together and the straps in place. Jay also kept high and low arches in mind by designing his sandals with various levels of support.

The single-layer arch design is great for those with flat feet or a low arch, and the double-layer arch is a life saver for those with high arches (myself included!). The leather straps are intentionally tight, which allows you to stretch them by wear, creating the perfect fitting strap. Jay guarantees that your Rainbow Sandal with hold up for at least as long as the life of the sole, and thus far, after YEARS of wear, mine are still in tip-top shape.

Don’t take my word for it, try them for yourself. With Rainbow’s guarantee, you have nothing to worry about. They’ll repair your sandals against manufacturing defects which includes delamination, the strap pulling out, or stitching coming apart, before either the top or bottom wears through anywhere into the next layer.

How can you go wrong? Try a pair for yourself today and get walking!

– post by Amanda

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