From Spain, With Love…

Bringing new shoe lines into the store entails more than placing them on a shelf. With each line that is brought in, many questions come up: Where are they made? How do they dye their leathers? Are they handmade? What message does the company want to send out to its customers? These questions are ALWAYS asked, and as associates, it’s our job to be able to answer these questions and to know the ins and outs of a shoe. We recently introduced three new lines from Spain: Wonders, The Art Company, and Neosens. All three lines are very different in style, and after reading up on the companies and their manufacturing processes, I must say that they’re not just in the business of shoes, they’re in the business of improving the quality of life (as cheesy as that sounds…).

Wonders shoes are handmade in Spain. They believe that fashion shouldn’t compromise comfort. Between the soft leather uppers and rubber sole, they’ve made beautiful shoes that you don’t have to second guess before you leave the house in the morning. They’ve adapted their styles to different countries and cultures to make practical shoes for different regions. I visited their website to learn about their company and found a video that shows women in professional attire walking around the city, riding their bike to work, and sitting on a subway on their way home at the end of their day. Their message is clear: their shoes are designed to carry you throughout your day…no need for an emergency pair of shoes in your purse.

Born in 1995, and soon becoming popular in France, Germany, Holland, England, Italy, and Spain, they knew they were doing it right. The Art Company takes design seriously, but not itself. They believe that nothing gets you further in life than humor and it’s obviously reflected in their line. Their shoes are playful in that they are not afraid of bold colors, unusual prints, and unique structure. Keeping an ear out, they learned that their customers loved to be surprised and that the youthful designs have been embraced all over the world.

Neosens originated in a province in northern Spain called La Rioja, which is known for its wine and of course, its footwear. The inspirations for their designs are pulled directly from the town. The rich reds of their wine and the romance of the town reflect in the historical makeup of their shoes. Also inspired by nature, some of their shoes include an intricate floral design on the heel and sole of the shoe, literally making the shoe beautiful at all angles. Utilizing different leather dying techniques to add depth to the colors used, each shoe is unique. The collection appears to have been conjured up in a daydream the designer had while walking down a beautiful path at twilight.

post by Amanda

photo courtesy of wikipedia

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