DIY: Chalkboard Paint!

Years ago I came across an image (the first one below) where an accent wall was painted not with some unique, bright color, but with chalkboard paint.  The options are limitless.  You can draw decor on that wall if you want.  You can write quotes.  You can let your kid doodle on it.  You can use it for notes and reminders.  I mean, whatever the hell you want.  Since then, I’ve seen people use chalkboard paint on everything.  Mugs, wine glass bases, pots, refrigerators…you name it.

I found these pictures to be pretty inspirational:

It seems that Hudson makes some pretty good chalkboard paint and they even offer color options besides the classic black and dark green.  Spray chalkboard paint sounds like it works pretty well on smaller projects, especially where there are little crevasses (i.e. a skull).   Sheesh, you can even make your own paint by using the ingredients below…

Pretty cool, right? I decided I’m going to purchase a large piece of wood to paint and to prop against an empty wall in my bedroom.  What are you going to put chalkboard paint on, DIY’ers?

post by Amanda

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