Beautiful Centerpieces for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. Thanksgiving is, by far, my favorite holiday. Growing up, it was the one time of year that I was able to see a lot of my favorite family members, so it doubled as a sort of a family reunion. Oh, and the food! The food! My family can seriously cook, so Thanksgiving was the day I seriously gorged myself. I mean, I’d eat as much as I possibly could, and then sometime later that night the family would regroup in the kitchen to enjoy pie in our pjs. The tables with their decorations always looked pretty magical. I believe that a meal that takes that much time and effort to prepare deserves a beautiful table for it to be enjoyed from.

If you’re short of ideas as to how to decorate your dining table for the holiday, I found some ideas on the interwebs that I’d like to share…

Of course Martha Stewart has 15 ideas for us!

Pine Cone Flowers!

Corn Kernel Candle Displays
Found a blog with 10 simple ideas!

All you need are apples and tea lights! Easy peasy!

See anything you like? How do you typically decorate your dining table on Thanksgiving? We’d love to see what you plan on doing…feel free to post pictures and links on our Facebook page!

post by Amanda

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