Baby, It’s (Going to Be) Cold Outside…

It seems as if Fall is quickly approaching in Ashland, Oregon. The air in the morning and at night has a crisp chill to it. You second guess leaving the house without a sweater or a jacket. Before we know it, we’ll be bundled up in jackets and scarves and ordering our coffee hot instead of iced.

I normally wind up wearing tights under my pants in the cold months to help seal in my body heat, but this fall/winter I’m going to try Smartwool tights. The wool will definitely help keep me warmer than my traditional nylon tights. One athlete came into the store to purchase our Smartwool tights to wear while cycling for added warmth and also because the tights help wick away moisture and allow the skin to breath, which it typically doesn’t in a synthetic material.

Another trick that some of the girls I work with use is to wear leg warmers under their boots for an extra layer of warmth, and also works to fill any excess space you have in the boot shaft. This looks fantastic with a dress (or skirt), tights, and the leg warmers popping up above the boot to create a layered leg look. In the store, we carry B.ella leg warmers that come in a dark purple and a dark olive green. What’s funny is that customers have also been buying them to use as arm warmers to wear with their short sleeve shirts.

What are some things you do for a little added warmth during the cold months? Share your stories and pictures with us.

post by Amanda

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