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Village Shoes in Ashland, Oregon is a step off the beaten path to a fun and eclectic boutique. You can shop for fashion forward footwear from the unique collection of original designs and brand names. We offer a world of fashion for your feet. Quality combined with comfort, high fashion, vogue, chic, sexy and funky. Women’s shoes as well as handbags, hats, and other accessories. Come by our store or call to order.


stacey larnerd

Stacey Larnerd

Stacey Larnerd

I grew up in upstate NY, and even as a young girl I loved shoes. I must have owned at least four pairs of the original jelly shoes that were all the rage. When I was a young teenager I started working for Endicott Johnson Shoes. I soon became a manager and spent five years working in the retail shoe industry.

Then life took its twists and turns as it inevitably does and I spent the next chapter of my life traveling. After settling down in Ashland, I was looking for work. Village Shoes was hiring for a sales associate and I knew I could do the job. Little did I know then that five years later I would own and operate this fabulous shoe store I’ve grown to love so much. I bought Village Shoes at the end of 2009 and haven’t looked back since.

What a joy it is to showcase such beautiful, handcrafted leather goods. I love the feeling when I find something totally awesome and outrageous. I like to keep pushing the edge with what we can bring to our customers.

I love what I do and the freedom of owning my own small business. It means I can create a work environment I like best. A workplace that is full of teamwork, creativity, beauty, design and well made products the customer can be proud to purchase.

  • I have never found a better shoe store. This place makes the trip up to Oregon worth it (no sales tax!) Their selection is incredible, from practical to fun to completely impractical. The prices are extremely reasonable and the staff is friendly and personable. If you're looking for shoes this is the place to go.
    E.D.Berkeley, CA
  • I just wanted to thank you both for a LOT of much needed help in ordering my Frye Carson oxfords in the Smoke color. With a bit of trying on and measuring (over the phone, mind you) we agreed that I would size down a full size from my normal size 9 to a size 8 in the Frye’s. I wanted to let you know they are a perfect fit. Now they are so comfortable I wear them with everything—skirts, dresses, shorts and pants. And I get a LOT of compliments. Thank you all so much for your help.
    S.G.Prescott, AZ
  • Your incredible honesty and helpfulness is something I will most certainly remember. I really appreciate everything you did for me. I have the Village Shoes website bookmarked and can guarantee that I will be shopping with you guys in the future.

No matter if they are stiletto or flat-heeled, black, pink, knee-high or demi-ankle, boots instill you with a certain power.

- Vivienne Westwood, English Fashion Designer