A Healthy Winter Cocktail To Rev Up Your Immune System

Morning Juice: 2 large Grapefruit, 2 medium Beets, 1″ of Ginger, 1/2 a Lemon. Add a dash of Cayenne and 20 drops of Milk Thistle for a healing liver cleanse. Yummy! Spicy and sweet.
*recipe courtesy of the book “refresh” by Ruth Tal with Jennifer Houston
I’ve been doing a lot of juicing since the first of January. It really helps keep the immune system pumping and it’s so healthy for you. This recipe above was one I discovered years ago and have loved it ever since. Juicing is a great way to get in the vital nutrients of veggies. If you’re a juice lover like I am you have to try this.
-Post by Stacey Larnerd

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  1. Alex

    Lovely!! We received a food processor with a juicer attachment at Christmas, and now I am going juice-crazy! Amazing how many veggies and nutrients you can fit into one delicious glass! Can’t wait to try this concoction 🙂

    Miss you!! xx